Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Working on it Wednesday: QR Code Booktalks, Clipart, & Take-Home Book Bags

I am liking up for the first time with Kindergals for Workin' on It Wednesday.  I have a few projects that are SLOWLY getting done with all of my household projects taking first priority... :0)

Audio Book Talks with QR Codes

I was inspired by Catherine, from The Brown Bag Teacher, who used my callouts clipart collection in a super creative way--she created book blurbs and made this an assignment for her students.  Check out her post! I decided to create some audio QR code book talks for my second graders.  I have started with some of the back to school/reading themed books that I highlight at the beginning of the year.  Since we always have an iPad in the room, kids will be able to listen to some book talks when choosing books for their book boxes.  I decided to simply affix the book talk callouts to the front of the books with removable tape--but will be trying to think of something that will work better...  I will be laminating the callouts for durability so they can be used from year to year. Eventually, I will invite students to create audio book talks.  Last year, my students absolutely loved recording themselves and creating QR codes for their classmates to enjoy.  I hope to get at least three collections of 5-6 books done for the first couple months of school.  We shall see...

Clipart: Works in Progress

I have worked, just a bit, on sketching some new clipart.  One morning, I left a little note for my grandson to see when he woke up, while I was away from the house. I made a quick little sketch of an owl on it.  He loved it! He told me I draw the best owls--how sweet!  SO one of my next collections will be some little owls with different bellies, some branches, and a moon.  I have also been messing around with some kids and have a few ideas sketched out.  Hope these sketches morph into some clipart soon...

Take-Home Book Bags

I also started, and left behind for another time, preparations for some take-home book bags.  I wanted to create a checklist to help guide kids when they take a book home as well as various activities they can do related to the book after reading. I wanted it to be a universal checklist that could be used with any book for low prep and ease of management.  A folder will also be included in each book bag with strategy bookmarks, various activity sheets, a math game, etc.  I have completed the checklist, and now need to create activity sheets and some simple math games to accompany a few of the books. My goal is to bag the same number of books I have kids this year.

What's that you say? Finish one project before you start another!--That's news to me! Ha!

Fly on over to Kindergals to check out more works in progress...



  1. I love your clip art in progress! I've always been curious how they get transfered into digital images! Very neat!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

    1. Thanks much! I scan my drawings and import them into Adobe Illustrator. I don't really know all the things the program can do, but I have learned enough to create my own little clipart. Wish I knew more... :0) Thanks for stopping by!