Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Made-Its!

Just wanted to share my first couple of Monday Made-Its of the summer (aside from totally redoing our mudroom--this made-it was a bit more time consuming)! :0) 

I've seen these dry erase collage frames all over the Internet, but I don't usually 'jump on the bandwagon', as they say, unless it is something I am positive I will use.  Well, I decided we do need a visual that is up all week for the kids to refer to--me too! 

It was a pretty simple made-it--1. I purchased the 5 x 7, six frame collage at Hobby Lobby with my 40% of coupon. 2. I decided to use scrapbook paper in the colors of the rainbow because we have a Muppet classroom theme (We're Moving Right Along Together!) with rainbow colors. Used my paper cutter to cut the paper to size. I got the scrapbook pad at Hobby Lobby, too---50% off all paper packs!  I use a lot of this kind of paper throughout the year.... 3. I formatted the days of the week lettering and cut them with my KNK Zing.  I used black, sticky vinyl that is adhered to the front of the glass.  I did this to minimize the glare, although printing the lettering on the paper would also work.  4.  I put it all together, and voila!!

Another one of my made-its was a collection of arrow clipart---Every-Which-Way!  I have been wanting to make these arrows since the beginning of last school year, but I never got them done.  Check them out in my Graphics by Sarah Beth TpT store!  I am also giving away another copy of this collection, so enter to win below...

Just a reminder, we are hosting a book study on our new Adventures in Guided Math blog.  We are reading Guided Math in Action by Dr. Nicki Newton.  Fly on over to learn more--we would love for you to participate!

And don't forget to stop over at Fourth Grade Frolics to read about some fabulous made-its!
Enjoy your week! Smiles!


  1. Cute frame! I love the colors you chose...well done! Love the Guided Math book...Laney Sammons books are fantastic too! :)

  2. Your frames are so cute, wish I had the wall space for something like that. I have that pack of Basics paper and am obsessed with it. Love all the bright colors.

  3. Such cute frames! I also love your arrow clip art. I'm going to check out your TPT store now.

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  4. This looks like my kind of project! I could definitely use this in my classroom too. It's the perfect colors!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  5. Your collage frame is cute! I love the colors that you selected. I like that the patterns aren't too bold, so that you can clearly see your writing.

  6. I love the collage - could use one at home and school : )
    Your arrows are awesome!!

  7. I can't help but be happy seeing these colors!

  8. I love the weekly collage frames! I have resorted to putting sticky notes over the dates on our calendar so my kiddos know what is going on. This is going to be my next project this summer - and it's simple! ~ Lisa