Friday, July 4, 2014

Funny Kid Friday, a SALE, and our Guided Math Book Study!

Linking up the first time with Kathleen from Kidpeople Classroom for Funny Kid Friday, a fun little linky...

Simply put, the idea of the linky is to share funny kid stories. As teachers, we have a few of those--so I will share two of my favorites.

A Lesson About Pronouns

Many moons ago, when I was a literacy coordinator, I was team teaching in a wonderful fifth grade classroom.  We were teaching the kids the importance of using pronouns in their writing.  We were reviewing how pronouns take the place of certain nouns in our writing.  A quite perceptive young lady raised her hand and said in excitement, "I think pronouns are just noun wanna-bes!"  Since then, I always share her story whenever introducing pronouns.  Ah, the wisdom!

Quite the Leap!

The second memory might have made some teachers irate, but all I could do was laugh. :0) It was at the beginning of the day during guided reading. One of my little ladies, who carried her lunch in a patten-leather pink purse, had it sitting by her desk. Simply thinking she had forgotten to put it on the closet shelf, I reminded her.  A boy piped up right away, "That's NOT for her lunch!".  Since he said this with great feeling, I inquired as to what she had.  The little girl had her hands covering something on her desk and said nothing.  The same boy piped up again, "It's a frog!"  My response, "O.K., Honey, just go put it in your book bag. You know you aren't supposed to bring toys to school."  She still didn't move.  At that point, I got up to tell her she wasn't in trouble, and to take it to her book bag.  The boy---"It's REAL!" With that, I told her to move her hands.  She did, and with a straight face she retorted, "NO IT'S NOT!"  I guess she wasn't expecting the next thing to happen--it HOPPED toward me!!  I laughed out loud!! "Honey, go take it out to the grass by the playground and let it go."  She was beside herself for having to set it free--punishment enough, I guess. :0)

Thanks to Kathleen for the opportunity to link up! Fly on over to her blog to read more Funny Kid Friday stories...

It's SALE Time!

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ALSO--please take the time to check out our new guided math blog--Adventures in Guided Math! We will be hosting a book study of Dr. Nicki Newton's Guided Math in Action starting Sunday, July 13th.  Click here to find out how you can participate!

Have a firecracker of a weekend! Smiles!


  1. Ha! Just how long did she think she could keep that frog at her desk... or in her pink purse?? The frog thanked you even if she did not... And I gotta remember the noun wanna-bees description! Kids! Hope to hear more :) Glad the TPT sale is going on a few days so I can have a good shop. Thanks.
    Kidpeople Classroom

  2. I love your stories! I am like you. I definitely would have been laughing at the frog story. It's amazing what students bring to school sometimes.

    Fit to be Fourth