Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Ten Frame: Math Tool #2 to Support the Common Core -- FREEBIE!

As you know, the ten frame is a tool for helping students visualize numbers, understand place value, and build strength in mental computation.  I recently posted a product on Teachers Pay Teachers that included a bunch of math tool printables and directions for teachers so they could save money in comparison to some products on the market today.  Well, I decided to break up this product and list each section for FREE!  After all, the easiest way to save money is by not spending any at all!  

Hop over to my TpT store and download Ten Frames Freebie: Ten Frame Math Tools for Teachers.  I will be listing another section of this math tools product for FREE next Sunday, so stop back and see us!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Inspiration: Classroom Jobs Chart

I was inspired by the classroom jobs chart idea posted on Building a House of Love!  My classroom theme is centered around the beloved Muppets, "Moving Right Along Together in Second Grade".  SO, when I saw this idea I had to create a classroom job chart incorporating our classroom theme...

I formatted each piece in Microsoft Publisher, printed, and laminated before putting together (using the directions given at Building a House of Love).  Then I hung the chart using two Command hooks (fabulous!), after simply punching a whole in each corner at the top. Students' names were secured to clothespins using a hot glue gun.

What I like most about this chart is that it's long, narrow, and fits perfectly by the doorway.  Well, and the fact that the Muppets are represented!!  Moi's proud of how nicely it turned out!!
BTW--The stylists are in charge of making sure the classroom looks good (nice and tidy)...
Head on over to Katie at Building a House of Love for simple, step-by-step directions!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

What Can You Do?: Volunteer Packet

We have a phenomenal support sytem of volunteers at our school, and this year I wanted to put together some materials that can be used with our classroom volunteers.  The first thing I decided to create was a poem to attach to the volunteer survey that I will be sending home at the beginning of the year.

Please feel free to use this poem and the other materials I have created.  Just download What Can You Do?: Volunteer Packet for Teachers for FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Thanks to Melonheadz Illustrating for the wondeful graphics!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Place Value Strips & Arrows: Math Tool #1 to Support the Common Core -- FREEBIE!

If you have not used place value strips or arrows, I highly recommend them! I have used place value strips in past years with my second and fifth graders, and I was introduced to the arrows in a recent workshop.  Place value strips and arrows help students see the value of digits within numbers.  Numbers can be composed by stacking the arrows, and numbers can be decomposed to reveal the value of each digit. They can also be used when learning to compare and order numbers. The possibilities are many! Can you see the numbers in expanded form?

Below is a larger version of the strips and arrows that can be used for teacher demonstration.

Here's the best part...
I recently made teacher demonstration and student-sized place value arrows, and I have listed them for FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers!  Download, print, laminate, cut, and bag. Viola!