Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Made-It & Fabulous News!

Linking up again with Tara from Fourth Grade Frolics for Monday Made-It!

Just a quick made-it to share today...

Hoots!: New Clipart

I have been wanting to transform this little owl sketch into some clipart, and I finally accomplished this task. :0)  You can check out this new Hoots! Rainbow Owl Collection in my Graphics by Sarah Beth TpT store.

Also, some fabulous news!  Dr. Nicki Newton, the author of Guided Math in Action, will be doing a Q & A on our new Adventures in Guided Math blog in conjunction with the book study we are hosting.  Fly on over to check this out and get your questions in!

AND, don't forget to check out more made-its at Fourth Grade Frolics!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Working on it Wednesday: QR Code Booktalks, Clipart, & Take-Home Book Bags

I am liking up for the first time with Kindergals for Workin' on It Wednesday.  I have a few projects that are SLOWLY getting done with all of my household projects taking first priority... :0)

Audio Book Talks with QR Codes

I was inspired by Catherine, from The Brown Bag Teacher, who used my callouts clipart collection in a super creative way--she created book blurbs and made this an assignment for her students.  Check out her post! I decided to create some audio QR code book talks for my second graders.  I have started with some of the back to school/reading themed books that I highlight at the beginning of the year.  Since we always have an iPad in the room, kids will be able to listen to some book talks when choosing books for their book boxes.  I decided to simply affix the book talk callouts to the front of the books with removable tape--but will be trying to think of something that will work better...  I will be laminating the callouts for durability so they can be used from year to year. Eventually, I will invite students to create audio book talks.  Last year, my students absolutely loved recording themselves and creating QR codes for their classmates to enjoy.  I hope to get at least three collections of 5-6 books done for the first couple months of school.  We shall see...

Clipart: Works in Progress

I have worked, just a bit, on sketching some new clipart.  One morning, I left a little note for my grandson to see when he woke up, while I was away from the house. I made a quick little sketch of an owl on it.  He loved it! He told me I draw the best owls--how sweet!  SO one of my next collections will be some little owls with different bellies, some branches, and a moon.  I have also been messing around with some kids and have a few ideas sketched out.  Hope these sketches morph into some clipart soon...

Take-Home Book Bags

I also started, and left behind for another time, preparations for some take-home book bags.  I wanted to create a checklist to help guide kids when they take a book home as well as various activities they can do related to the book after reading. I wanted it to be a universal checklist that could be used with any book for low prep and ease of management.  A folder will also be included in each book bag with strategy bookmarks, various activity sheets, a math game, etc.  I have completed the checklist, and now need to create activity sheets and some simple math games to accompany a few of the books. My goal is to bag the same number of books I have kids this year.

What's that you say? Finish one project before you start another!--That's news to me! Ha!

Fly on over to Kindergals to check out more works in progress...


Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Made-Its!

Just wanted to share my first couple of Monday Made-Its of the summer (aside from totally redoing our mudroom--this made-it was a bit more time consuming)! :0) 

I've seen these dry erase collage frames all over the Internet, but I don't usually 'jump on the bandwagon', as they say, unless it is something I am positive I will use.  Well, I decided we do need a visual that is up all week for the kids to refer to--me too! 

It was a pretty simple made-it--1. I purchased the 5 x 7, six frame collage at Hobby Lobby with my 40% of coupon. 2. I decided to use scrapbook paper in the colors of the rainbow because we have a Muppet classroom theme (We're Moving Right Along Together!) with rainbow colors. Used my paper cutter to cut the paper to size. I got the scrapbook pad at Hobby Lobby, too---50% off all paper packs!  I use a lot of this kind of paper throughout the year.... 3. I formatted the days of the week lettering and cut them with my KNK Zing.  I used black, sticky vinyl that is adhered to the front of the glass.  I did this to minimize the glare, although printing the lettering on the paper would also work.  4.  I put it all together, and voila!!

Another one of my made-its was a collection of arrow clipart---Every-Which-Way!  I have been wanting to make these arrows since the beginning of last school year, but I never got them done.  Check them out in my Graphics by Sarah Beth TpT store!  I am also giving away another copy of this collection, so enter to win below...

Just a reminder, we are hosting a book study on our new Adventures in Guided Math blog.  We are reading Guided Math in Action by Dr. Nicki Newton.  Fly on over to learn more--we would love for you to participate!

And don't forget to stop over at Fourth Grade Frolics to read about some fabulous made-its!
Enjoy your week! Smiles!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Another week's flown by...

It's Friday, and it sure seems like these weeks are flying by!  Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday...

New Graphics

I finally got some arrow graphics finished that I have been wanting to make and use this coming school year.  They are, of course, in the bright colors of the rainbow!  There are twelve styles of arrows, and each arrow comes in twelve different colors.  Check them out in my Graphics by Sarah Beth TpT store.  You can also enter, for ONE DAY ONLY, to win a free copy of this new Every-Which-Way! Arrow Collection Good luck!

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Time to Hit the Road!

Courtney and her family hit the road this a.m. for Gulf Shores and a much needed vacation! The Toyota Sienna has left the driveway!! Happy and safe travels!

Guided Math in Action Book Study

Our Guided Math in Action, by Dr. Nicki Newton, book study kicks off this Sunday!  Want to participate?  Visit our new Adventures in Guided Math blog to learn more.  The text is also available to rent or purchase on a Kindle or any device that can download the free Kindle app. Get your copy today and come adventure with us!

Can you say, YUMMO?!

Sharing a DELISH recipe from Courtney's Pinterest page of recipes today!  She was raving about this fabulous potatoes on the grill recipe that she made for the family, so I decided I MUST try it---Three Cheese Potatoes.  I doubled the Parmesan, seasoning salt, pepper,  and threw on MORE shredded cheeses and bacon (of course).  Just a warning--when it says to spray the foil before piling on the taters, do it!  I was so darn excited that I forgot this step and had to scrape the taters out of the first pouch and transfer to a second pouch before adding the last ingredients and returning to the grill.  It did not effect the taste one bit--but it was a pain. :0)  Visit Courtney's Pinterest to grab the recipe---great for summer cookouts!  Thanks, Courtney! 

Angel Birds

Found a wonderful unfinished wood bird feeder (came with paints) in the dollar bins at Target (was actually $3) and snatched it up for my grandson who has enjoyed painting little wood projects since he was pretty little.  Love how he chose to use the colors!  This little feeder has been the most popular of all our many feeders since it was hung--must be the inviting decor. :0)  Corbin wanted me to write 'Angel Birds' on both sides of the roof because, as he says, "Birdies are like little angels."

Fly on over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to read more Five for Fridays...

Have a splendid weekend!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Funny Kid Friday, a SALE, and our Guided Math Book Study!

Linking up the first time with Kathleen from Kidpeople Classroom for Funny Kid Friday, a fun little linky...

Simply put, the idea of the linky is to share funny kid stories. As teachers, we have a few of those--so I will share two of my favorites.

A Lesson About Pronouns

Many moons ago, when I was a literacy coordinator, I was team teaching in a wonderful fifth grade classroom.  We were teaching the kids the importance of using pronouns in their writing.  We were reviewing how pronouns take the place of certain nouns in our writing.  A quite perceptive young lady raised her hand and said in excitement, "I think pronouns are just noun wanna-bes!"  Since then, I always share her story whenever introducing pronouns.  Ah, the wisdom!

Quite the Leap!

The second memory might have made some teachers irate, but all I could do was laugh. :0) It was at the beginning of the day during guided reading. One of my little ladies, who carried her lunch in a patten-leather pink purse, had it sitting by her desk. Simply thinking she had forgotten to put it on the closet shelf, I reminded her.  A boy piped up right away, "That's NOT for her lunch!".  Since he said this with great feeling, I inquired as to what she had.  The little girl had her hands covering something on her desk and said nothing.  The same boy piped up again, "It's a frog!"  My response, "O.K., Honey, just go put it in your book bag. You know you aren't supposed to bring toys to school."  She still didn't move.  At that point, I got up to tell her she wasn't in trouble, and to take it to her book bag.  The boy---"It's REAL!" With that, I told her to move her hands.  She did, and with a straight face she retorted, "NO IT'S NOT!"  I guess she wasn't expecting the next thing to happen--it HOPPED toward me!!  I laughed out loud!! "Honey, go take it out to the grass by the playground and let it go."  She was beside herself for having to set it free--punishment enough, I guess. :0)

Thanks to Kathleen for the opportunity to link up! Fly on over to her blog to read more Funny Kid Friday stories...

It's SALE Time!

I am having a sale in both of my TpT stores!  20% off everything! Click the buttons below to visit my stores and SAVE!

ALSO--please take the time to check out our new guided math blog--Adventures in Guided Math! We will be hosting a book study of Dr. Nicki Newton's Guided Math in Action starting Sunday, July 13th.  Click here to find out how you can participate!

Have a firecracker of a weekend! Smiles!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Bloggin' Linky: Worksheet Wednesday FREEBIE!

Just a quick post today to link up with The Teaching Tribune for their Summer Bloggin' Linky.  It's Wednesday!

Enjoy the following freebie, not a worksheet, but free just the same! Click the pic below to download! Enjoy...

ALSO--please take the time to check out our new guided math blog--Adventures in Guided Math! We will be hosting a book study of Dr. Nicki Newton's Guided Math in Action starting Sunday, July 13th.  Click here to find out how you can participate!

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Three linkies! Oh, my!

Linking up with Mrs. Jump's Class, The Teaching Tribune, and Oh Boy, Fourth Grade for three linkies today! Oh, my!

We Love Books

As I have mentioned in a previous post, my grandson, Corbin, is doing the summer reading program.  He has a little booklet and can earn stamps for reading different types of books--a book with an animal character that talks, a biography, a nonfiction book, etc. One genre on the list is graphic novel.  As a second grade teacher, I have looked for graphic novels (other than Captain Underpants) that are appropriate for kids this age--not the easiest task.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a series called Bean Dog & Nugget by Charise Mericle Harper.  Clever and hilarious!  Bean Dog is a corn dog and Nugget is a chicken nugget!  We read Bean Dog & Nugget: The Cookie in one sitting, as we did not want to put it down.  It's also a fast read!  SO I hopped on amazon in search of other Bean Dog & Nugget Tales.  At this time, there is one other, Bean Dog & Nugget: The Ball.  Hope these continue to come out... 

Summer Bloggin' Linky: Two for Tuesday

It's Two for Tuesday, so today you can save 50% on two of my TpT products!  Click on the pics below to learn more about each product.


First time linking up with Farley at Oh Boy, Fourth Grade for Currently...

ALSO, this week, you can enter to win one of two copies of my School Supplies Collection.  Check it out in my Graphics by Sarah Beth TpT store!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST---If you haven't already, check out our brand-new blog--Adventures in Guided Math!  We hope you will take the time to check it out, become an adventurer (follower), and enter to win one of our fabulous prize packages! You may enter to win through Friday, July 4th.

We will be hosting a book study of Dr. Nicki Newton's Guided Math in Action starting Sunday, July 13th.  Click here to find out how you can participate!

Have a terrific Tuesday, and don't forget to visit all of the great blogger linkies mentioned in this post...