Friday, July 11, 2014

Another week's flown by...

It's Friday, and it sure seems like these weeks are flying by!  Linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday...

New Graphics

I finally got some arrow graphics finished that I have been wanting to make and use this coming school year.  They are, of course, in the bright colors of the rainbow!  There are twelve styles of arrows, and each arrow comes in twelve different colors.  Check them out in my Graphics by Sarah Beth TpT store.  You can also enter, for ONE DAY ONLY, to win a free copy of this new Every-Which-Way! Arrow Collection Good luck!

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Time to Hit the Road!

Courtney and her family hit the road this a.m. for Gulf Shores and a much needed vacation! The Toyota Sienna has left the driveway!! Happy and safe travels!

Guided Math in Action Book Study

Our Guided Math in Action, by Dr. Nicki Newton, book study kicks off this Sunday!  Want to participate?  Visit our new Adventures in Guided Math blog to learn more.  The text is also available to rent or purchase on a Kindle or any device that can download the free Kindle app. Get your copy today and come adventure with us!

Can you say, YUMMO?!

Sharing a DELISH recipe from Courtney's Pinterest page of recipes today!  She was raving about this fabulous potatoes on the grill recipe that she made for the family, so I decided I MUST try it---Three Cheese Potatoes.  I doubled the Parmesan, seasoning salt, pepper,  and threw on MORE shredded cheeses and bacon (of course).  Just a warning--when it says to spray the foil before piling on the taters, do it!  I was so darn excited that I forgot this step and had to scrape the taters out of the first pouch and transfer to a second pouch before adding the last ingredients and returning to the grill.  It did not effect the taste one bit--but it was a pain. :0)  Visit Courtney's Pinterest to grab the recipe---great for summer cookouts!  Thanks, Courtney! 

Angel Birds

Found a wonderful unfinished wood bird feeder (came with paints) in the dollar bins at Target (was actually $3) and snatched it up for my grandson who has enjoyed painting little wood projects since he was pretty little.  Love how he chose to use the colors!  This little feeder has been the most popular of all our many feeders since it was hung--must be the inviting decor. :0)  Corbin wanted me to write 'Angel Birds' on both sides of the roof because, as he says, "Birdies are like little angels."

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Have a splendid weekend!


  1. How delicious do those potatoes look?!?! YUMMMM!!! Thanks for sharing :-)

    The Land of I Can

  2. Don't you just love the Target dollar spot! I get in so much trouble shopping there!

    Following Optimism in 2nd Grade