Saturday, June 1, 2013

Five for Friday & Friday Flashback -- a little late!

Well, school's out for summer and we are already living life without a schedule...and that's why we are a little late linking up with Doodle Bugs' Five for Friday and Teaching Maddeness' Friday Flashback.

The Tower of Books! (Sarah)

These have accumulated over the last two months of school--a tower of unlabelled books (new and donated books to our classroom library)! Too busy to keep up with the labeling... I lugged these home in a laundry basket and they sat for two days... Surprisingly, I couldn't take it anymore and had to get them labelled and ready to take back to the room to sit there for the summer (instead of in my house). I think this is a record for me! My husband is happy about this, too.  They are all labelled, in the laundry basket, and ready to lug back!

Purging!! (Courtney) 

We officially got out of school Wednesday afternoon, but I was the one there later on Wednesday and for 6 more hours on Thursday.  Why??? I was purging, something that hasn't been done in a looooonnnnnggggg time! I just finished up my 12th year of teaching...the same grade the same classroom, so yes I had papers in my filing cabinet from my 1st year of teaching.  I have to say, thanks now to technology, I keep just about all my papers on the computer so needless to say, the poor custodians loved me:)

Workstations Nightmare! (Sarah)

This is the beginning of a huge organizational task for the summer!  I sure hope I tackle this one in a timely manner... We shall see! These four jumbo tubs are filled with all of my language and math workstations.  Two tubs are nicely labeled--but that's it! The other two tubs are overflow...

This is the inside of one of the tubs--two feet deep. As you can see, this is a fabulous system of organization--NOT!!!  

For two years I have just thrown workstations into tubs when done using them for a time, and then I root through the same tub to find the next ones I want to use.  Well, Courtney had a fabulous way of organizing that we will both be perfecting this summer.  Please stay tuned for a future post highlighting how this nightmare has turned into a dream!

Dance Recital (Courtney)

Two of my little divas had their dance recital Friday and Saturday nights.  This was my 4th recital, but the first one with both girls in it.  I got quite the workout running from one side of the theater to the other.  I have been blessed with 3 daughters and it is not uncommon for someone to say, "Oh your poor husband!" Well, guess who was the one doing the make-up, fixing the costumes, and making sure the hair is just right?  Yup, this gal! But they both loved to perform and be on stage.

Chopped Withdrawal Satisfied! (Sarah)

I have recently become a bit obsessed with Chopped! I DVR the new and previously aired episodes. Needless to say, our DVR list is full of Chopped waiting to be watched.  SO this was one of the first things I eagerly attended to this week when I was done "working" for the summer.  Can I cook like a chef? NO -- Do I enjoy cooking? NO -- Do I love watching other people cook? YES!!!  Don't even get me started on Master Chef!! 

  My favorite Chopped judge, Aaron Sanchez

It has been a great week! 

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