Monday, April 1, 2013

Roll It! Vocabulary Word Work

Some time back, I was thinking about teaching fifth grade, and I remembered some vocabulary cubes that I created.  The kids would roll the cubes (made from cardboard cube boxes) and do the activity rolled.  All of the vocabulary activities were designed to help students gain and/or strengthen their understanding of key vocabulary.  This worked famously as kids began to use the vocabulary in their speaking and writing more, and they would always look forward to this time of the day.

Not sure exactly how long ago that was, but I finally got in gear yesterday to put something new, yet old, together...

SO I searched my many flash drives and finally found where I thought I had the activities and label templates saved.  Uugh! I did not have the label templates saved that I could slap on to the cubes... AND I only had select activities saved on the drive!

SO I decided to start from square one, relying on my memory of the activities and experience (which was actually quite good). :0)

I decided to change the procedure a bit.  Instead of rolling a cube with labels, I made up a mat with 6 activities.  The kids will roll a die/number cube to determine which activity they will complete.  I also made a "menu" version that will allow students to choose. 

I will be following the same procedure for introducing the activities as I did with my fifth graders, and the materials will be in color coded folders for easy access (the hanging file in the picture was purchased at Office Max a few years back--Pendaflex brand). The kids will also be encouraged to use beginning dictionaries/thesauruses, content area resources, and anything in the room around them.

I look forward to experiencing how my second graders interact with these activities and the sharing that will follow.  I anticipate they will be equally as effective as they were in fifth grade.  Time will tell... An update will follow...

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