Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fabulous Finds & a FREEBIE!

I know that many of you out there are addicted to dollar stores because they always have something fabulous to offer.  

Here are some fabulous finds! 

Cheap-cheap-cheap---plastic plates--four for a $1!  I have used these for years as dry erase boards.  My kids actually like these better than white boards because they are colored--and they ARE plates! Saw these at Dollar General and picked up some more to add some more colors to our collection.  Erasing is a snap, and we clean them about three times a year with Expo cleaner.  BTW, we only use Low Odor Expo brand BLACK markers--they are the best for erasing on any surface...

I saw this next item and thought, I love the colors--but do I really need any more plastic containers?  Well, upon closer examination I realized these have locking sides.  Now that is something we NEED in or classroom.  Why? Our plastic counters are in nice little containers that "snap" shut on top--well, they are supposed to... These gems will be perfect for our counters! No more fishing counters that have fallen out of small tubs from the large tub in the math tools cabinet.  These are the perfect size, and the lids lock securely.

Always on the lookout for cheap incentives... Found these at Dollar Tree!  Picked up a couple packs of the mirror-metalic pencils and three packs of these great pencil flags made of sturdy felt.  The kids will love these.  Not to mention, we have a pencil monster that sleeps in the cupboards at night that eat our pencils, so we never need an excuse to buy more... 10 flags of five different kinds in a pack for $1.

This next one I bought with my grandson in mind... These little Miracle Gro Mini Greenhouses are right up his alley! He will love to plant the small plants, once grown, in the big garden with Pops! There were only a few of these cuties left at Dollar Tree when I was there--the cashier said they have been selling a lot of them. :0)

Last, but not least---when I saw these the first thing that came to me was a warm fuzzy childhood feeling from the early 70s--I am pretty sure my grandma had some almost like these back in the day. AND, of course, I thought they would be a fabulous classroom material. 

I decided to use these cardboard sandwich coasters as an alternative to a board game for two different math games. Download one of the games, Sandwich Stack Up!, for FREE!  To get some more great ideas about how to use this find, stop over to Krista Wallden's blog, The Creative Chalkboard. She found these goodies, too, as some of you may have as well. Just store them in Ziplock SANDWICH bags--how perfect!

Please feel free to share your finds... Happy bargain shopping to you! 

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