Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fabulous Finds, Traits Tuesday Linky, and Spark Student Motivation Saturdays...

Mornin'!  A few things to share...

Fabulous Finds Friday, a bit late.

Engage New York

Courtney discovered this fabulous site with oodles of resources for building Math and ELA concepts. I have linked to the Second Grade Math and the Second Grade ELA skill units.  Check out the any resources on their site.

K-2 Informational Text Resource

The Everything Guide to Informational Text K-2: Best Texts, Best Practices by Kathy A. Barclay and Laura D. Stewart was recently shared with our staff by our district media specialist.  I ordered a copy and read it in a flash.  What does it have to offer?  Some highlights---The Common Core and Informational Texts, Intentional Teaching and Differentiation, Choosing Stellar Texts, Comprehension Strategies, Lesson Design, and Informational Texts in Units of Study.  To view more complete overview of this resource, click here.  I especially appreciated the annotated bibliography of texts. Worth the money!

Story Cove

In looking for texts and resources for exploring folktales and fables with second graders, I stumbled upon a series of texts and soon discovered there was also a website.  Story Cove's Folktales from Around the Globe is a site full of resources for teachers and online books and activities for kids. There is a fee for subscribing, but much is included and you can preview a book and its resources.  The individual books are also available at at reasonable prices. Books and animations run on iPads as well. Check it out!

Feel free to share your fabulous finds by adding your link. Don't have a blog, please share in a comment!

Hop on Board--Traits Tuesday Linky

We are rekindling our Traits Tuesday Linky this May! Click our logo to learn all about it! Simply, share your writing ideas, resources, mentor texts, successes, student work, and MORE related to helping your students become authors.  ANYTHING GOES!  We would love for you to hop on board---we all have a school year full of goodies to share!  Don't have a blog, you can share in a comment!  Stop back this coming Tuesday, May 6th to join in the sharing! 

Spark Student Motivation Saturdays: Cootie Catchers!
OK, I am no spring chicken and I'm not a senior citizen, but I bet people of all ages have heard or seen a cootie catcher (Chinese fortune teller).  My second graders have, and they LOVE them!  I just recently started providing some math cootie catchers for my students to enjoy.  I found some on Super Teacher Worksheets, BUT they are EVERYWHERE!!  It's obvious why these little buggers are motivating!  Click on this sample I found online I know no pics are necessary, but I did decide to order this gem, The KLUTZ Cootie Catcher Book, for some last day of school fun!

Fly on over to Head Over Heels for Teaching to discover more motivational ideas!

Have a splendid weekend!

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  1. Cootie Catchers are so much fun! Runde's Room has a bunch for comprehension. My kids love them!

    Fit to be Fourth