Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Traits Tuesday: Presentation with Storybook Maker by Merge Mobile, Inc.

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Writing Traits
Word Choice
Sentence Fluency


Presentation: Using Storybook Maker to Publish Nonfiction Books

My second graders have been on a wonderful collaborative research and writing journey that ended with the publication of their writing using iPads and the Storybook Maker app. At the time of purchase, it was reasonably priced at $2.99.

About the App:

In it's essence, this is a publishing app for kids.  Kids can...
  • enter and manipulate text (color, size, font).
  • import pictures (any pictures that can be saved on the iPad with the ability to crop and size).
  • style borders and backgrounds (oodles of preset solid and patterned backgrounds and borders to choose from).
  • add preset objects (clipart/graphics in the apps graphics library).
  • draw (with ability to adjust type tool and color).
  • narrate their creations (record and play back function).
  • submit their creations to the Storymaker library, save to be read in the app on the device, email a PDF version, or print to a compatible printer).
  • manipulate and size anything.
  • go crazy creating!

Here are just a few pages from my students' creations!

Storybook Maker is a user-friendly means of presenting writing, and the kids LOVED using it! I recommend this app for any age, really! 

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