Monday, April 21, 2014

Must-Read Monday---New Poetry Books for Our Classroom Collection!

Linking up for the first time with Amanda at Teaching Maddeness for Must-Read Monday!  Since I am an amazon prime addict, I always have new books I can share.  Since Amanda shared some poetry goodies--thought I would do the same.  Here are some new must-read poetry books that have been added to our classroom library this year...

UnBEElieveables by Douglas Florian

UnBEElievalbes by Douglas Florian is a beautiful picture book of poems all about honey bees.  Love how there is an informational text passage that accompanies each poem.  We used this text to kick off our poetry unit by exploring three texts related to bees--informational, fiction, and poetry.  Summer Hummer worked perfectly to demonstrate a poets use of organization, punctuation, and rich language.  It was also a superb example of how poetry can teach the reader about a topic in a different way (in contrast to an informational text). 

Enjoying this picture book made me (my arm was twisted!) order another of Douglas Florian's picture book of poems called Poem Runs. Looking forward to its arrival!

2-Digit Missing Addend & Sum QR Code Cards -- Monster Theme!

Make Magic! Do Good! by Dallas Clayton

Stumbled upon this one online, and I am so glad I did!  Make Magic! Do Good! by Dallas Clayton is a wonderful collection of poems that really speak to kids.  Themes such as kindness, friendship, citizenship, and pride come through the poet's words and illustrations. Your kids are sure to love this it!

Enjoy this video teaser animation of the poem Make Magic! Do Good!

by Betsy Franco

I shared this collection in a previous post, but I cannot say enough how much I adore this one--Messing Around on the Monkey Bars and other School Poems for Two Voices by Betsy Franco.  What a superb collection of poems to help students build fluency--AND have fun!  My students loved "performing" Whir, Whir, Zing, Zap--a poem with classroom onomatopoeia. Enjoy Anatomy Class and add this one to your classroom collection today!!

I have to be honest and say that I went a bit crazing in ADDING to our collection this year--these are just a few of my favorites... Hope you found something you too enjoy!

Fly on over to Teaching Maddeness to discover more must-reads!

Wishing you a splendid week...

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