Saturday, January 11, 2014

Spark Student Motivation & Day Six of A Week of Chillin' Giveaways!

You will also want to get in on the end her and Fourth Grade Flipper's New Year's Celebration--awesome giveaways!

Weighing in today with a SUPER simple tool for motivation--the EASY button!

My kids love the EASY button--they love when I press it and they love to press it.  Although, the easy button gets used in spurts...because we all forget about it a bit, but there are times like these when we remind ourselves that it is there... 

We had just returned from 18 days of winter break, and we were reviewing a mental math addition strategy.  I was equally impressed with each group as we met--they were on fire after 18 days!  A quite perceptive girl in the last group commented, right when she got to the table, "I feel that this is getting a little easy for me."  Little did she know that her group would be moving on to applying the strategy to greater numbers... Anyway, I simply told the group I wanted each of them to prove they could still use the strategy (which I knew they could).  I started to hear, "That was easy!"  The easy button was not close by, so we all chimed in with a deep throated, "That was easy!"  Needless to say, this continued throughout our time together and the button has found a new home--at our small group table in the back of the room. :0)

Just a little something that helps remind students just how amazing they are!

Thanks to Joanne at Head Over Heels for Teaching for the opportunity to link up!   

AND it's Day Six of our A Week of Chillin' Giveaways!

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  1. I have debated getting an "Easy" button for a long time now - I think I must get one! So cute!

  2. What a fun idea! I've heard of a lot of teachers using them in the classroom and have always thought it would be fun. I like the idea of using it at a small group table - it keeps it from getting out of control if you're at the table to manage the pushing of the button :)

    Great giveaway - the glyph looks great!
    Joy in the Journey

  3. I really like this idea. I am sure the students enjoy it. I am going to Staples tomorrow anyway. I think I will pick one up. Thank you for sharing!

    Fit to be Fourth

  4. I love "EASY" ideas-my favorite! I bet your kids go crazy over pushing the button! Such a simple and motivating tool! And guess what? Just like you said, sometimes you forget about it...I have one! And, I haven't even brought it out this year! Thanks for the reminder! Gotta get that out Monday!!!! Thanks for sharing and linking up Sarah!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching