Friday, October 11, 2013

Fabulous Finds Friday - October 11, 2013

Just a few finds today for Fabulous Finds Friday...

How to Grow Pumpkins: Libby's Pumpkins

Found this fun and educational video on YouTube---Growing Pumpkins with Libby.  We just happen to teach next door to Morton, Illinois, the Pumpkin Capital of the World, and home of Libby's Pumpkin.  You know that famous canned pumpkin you use this time of year to make those delicious recipes?  This video chronicles the journey of Libby pumpkins from seed to can--not just seed to pumpkin.  Not to mention, the kids get to listen to/watch a young reporter on location in the fields and factory.  A wonderful learning experience!

Mixed Media Pumpkins

Photo Courtesy of The Artist Woman

Looking for an art idea for next week? I found this wonderful art idea on The Artist Woman's blog--Mixed Media Pumpkins.  What a wonderful process for the kids to go through, and the products are unique, yet timely.  We used torn brown lunch bags, yellow streamers, and torn magazines. We also used liquid tempera paint instead of cake tempera. 

The first step was to adhere strips of each type of paper to the paper with brushed on glue.

Then students painted their papers with orange tempera once dried.

I will be posting pictures of the kids' finished pumpkins next week...  Can't wait!

Number Jugglers

Courtney "found" this oldie-but-goodie when looking through her math material tubs.  Upon finding it, she realized it was actually a book that was shared with her at a workshop the summer before last.  She was pleasantly surprised to find this jewel--a set that she has had since she student taught many moons ago.  It is actually still available new and used on  A great collection of math games to help build number sense.

Thanks for flying over today!  Have a splendid weekend!