Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Traits Tuesday Linky: Starting the Year with the Traits

Welcome to our very first linky--Traits Tuesday! We are so glad you flew on over and hope you find something that inspires you...

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Starting the Year with the Traits

We are just into our second week of school and it is HOT, HOT, HOT! Today was the hottest day since we have been back, but I think the kids minds were even hotter today!!  I decided to start the year talking about writing with the kids by simply asking the kids to finish the sentence, "Writers...".  I instructed students to create that "storm" in their brains and simply share what comes to their minds when they think about writers.  We did this in two parts--because the "storm front" had not fully made its way to us this morning.  The kids came up with some great ideas to add to our anchor chart, but the ideas were just "sprinkling".  We took a break and came back to add more this afternoon... The heat must have done something--by the afternoon the kids were "on fire"!! Her are the numerous ideas the kids came up with:

How will transfer to introducing the traits?  Our next step will be to group or ideas into different categories: A Writer's Ideas (Ideas), How a Writer Organizes (Organization), A Writer's Conventions (Conventions), and How Writer's Present (Presentation). These traits will be much of great focus for second graders who have not experienced writing with the traits before this year. We will also delve into Word Choice and Sentence Fluency as time goes on.  It is always important to build upon the ideas generated by students, so we are off to a great start!

We SO look forward to reading about how you start the year with Traits Writing...

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