Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Gems by Loreen Leedy!

Just a fun post to share some gems I came across by Loreen Leedy. I have used some of her outstanding picture books before, but I bought a couple new ones (to me)...

This past weekend, I was searching amazon.com--as I OFTEN do--looking for some picture books related to fractions (basic) and graphing.  I came across a couple of superb texts by Loreen Leedy that arrived today.  AAAH, another amazon.com box on my table waiting for me when I got home today--thank goodness for Amazon Prime!  Anyway...

Fraction Action

LOVE this one--presented in chapters.  In chapter one, Fraction Action,  Miss Prim, a horse I think, begins to teach her class about fractions (fraction of a whole).  She draws model and labels them.  Then she asks her kids (various critters) where they have seen fractions in real life---a glass half full, a wallet with three sections, a pie in four slices, etc.  In the second chapter, Get Ready, Get Set, she goes on to talk about fractions of a set and her kids learn to divide marbles into equal sets.  Chapter three, A Fair Share, focuses on sharing items such as an orange and watermelon by cutting the whole into halves and fourths. Lemonade for Sale, chapter four, makes the wonderful connection between fractions and a dollar (four quarters).  At the end, there is a teacher test for the kids that is followed by the answers.  I especially enjoyed the basic presentation of fractions in this text that is ideal for second graders.  Not to mention, the illustrations offer excellent models and opportunities for investigation.  I can't wait to share Fraction Action with my students tomorrow--perfect timing!

The Great Graph Contest

While I have heard of this picture book, I have never had it in my hot little hands.  Now I have!  I so enjoy the pond critter characters as they have a graphing content.  Bar graphs, pictographs, circle graphs (basic), and ven diagrams are the focus--where my friends live, kinds of cookies, patterns of bathing suits,  whether more reptiles or birds hatched, etc.  Fun! Fabulous illustrations--AGAIN! 

After I ordered the books, I remembered that Loreen Leedy has a TpT store.  I flew on over and found some great freebies and items for purchase.

It's a Fluke FREEBIE!


 Perfect to use during our ocean unit! 

Mystery Pix Puzzles: St. Patrick's Day


This goodie will be used in guided math rotations.  The kids have to subtract 100 from each clue and plot and color squares on the grid. More learning fun!

Real Rabbits


I will be using this in guided reading rotations as a "read and reflect" activity.  Includes a great nonfiction passage, writing activity sheets, and a cut and fold activity.

There are oodles of WONDERFUL products in Loreen Leedy's store--many go along with her picture books.  You must check it out, if you haven't already...


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