Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Rekenrek: Math Tool #4 to Help Support the Common Core -- FREEBIE!

The rekenrek is another powerful visual math tool to help students understand numbers in groups of five and ten and to see relationships within numbers. Its use also appears in the Common Core Standards.  I would like to share a wonderful resource for helping teachers understand the rekenrek, its benefits, and how to use it with students, The Rekenrek: Learning to Think Mathematically with the Rekenrek - A Resource for Teachers, A Tool for Young Children by Jeff Frykholm, Ph.D. 

I have found this resource to be especially useful as I prepare to use the rekenrek with my students.  In addition, I wanted to share with you the directions for making rekenreks for your students in my most recent math tool FREEBIE listing on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I have included directions for making a wooden rekenrek (using a wooden door hanger) and a cardboard version. 

So enlist the help of your husband, one of your kids, or a friend, and you will have some whipped up in no time.  Good luck!

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