Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Great Learning Laugh!

Just discovered the picture book, Things That Are Most in the World by Judy Barret, thanks to Sunny Days in Second's Show & Tell Tuesday. What perfect timing! I was just getting ready to do a lesson on comparative adjectives.  Well, the story is hilarious--as evidenced by the roaring laughter coming from our room at the end of the hall--but what was to follow was even better...

There is an open writing frame at the end of the book for kids to create their own page.  I decided to adapt this a bit and create a three-part writing frame.  First, each student randomly chose an adjective from the basket and wrote the adjective in three forms (e.g. sharp, sharper, sharpest). Then I gave students a model of what they would be doing. Here is an example of what I wrote--A porcupine's quills are sharp.  A porcupine learning to sword fight is sharper. A porcupine sword fighting a sea urchin is the sharpest thing in the world. The object was to build on the original frame. I also showed the illustrations I made to accompany my writing.  

The book and model were inspiration as students began to create. I don't know how many times I have reread these, since just yesterday!  Their creativity makes me smile, laugh, and a few left me with that warm-fuzzy feeling... 

It's hot because it's 100 degrees.  It's hotter because it's 100 degrees and he's running a marathon. The hottest thing in the world is when it's 100 degrees and he's running a marathon wearing long sleeves and sweat pants.

 A duck is lucky.  A duck that is opening a fortune cookie is luckier.  A ducking eating a fortune cookie while crossing a high way without getting hit is the luckiest thing in the world.

 A t-rex is large. A t-rex holding a sky scraper is larger. A t-rex holding a sky scraper with a tree on the sky scraper is the largest thing in the world.

My fuzzy slippers are soft. Wearing my soft socks with my fuzzy slippers is softer.  Wearing my soft pajamas while wearing my fuzzy slippers and my soft socks is the softest.

A cow standing on two legs is silly.  A cow riding on a bike, standing on the seat, on two legs is sillier.  A cow eating corn on the cob, while standing on two legs, on the seat of a bike, is the silliest thing in the world.

We have yet to share as a class, so I anticipate the laughter and fun to continue...

I used an 11"x 17" version with my students, but I have also created a 14" x8.5" version. Click to download either. Have fun! 

Update: The kids decided they wanted to make a book out of their creations. :0)

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