Thursday, July 26, 2012

Little Worried about Common Core??

This school year, my district is adopting Common Core Standards for Math in grades K-3 and 6th, and because I teach 2nd grade this includes me.  I have been using the few spare seconds I have this summer to familiarize myself with the standards so that I don't have shell shock when school starts.  There are tons of marvelous teachers' blogs out there that are extremely helpful, and it's nice to hear from those that have already some experience with Common Core.  But when reading the standards I find myself asking, "What do they want again?"  "What exactly are they looking for?"  Then I came across an amazing website which is from the public schools for North Carolina.  Folks there have given explanations and pictures to show what the standards are asking students to do.  Being the visual learner that I am, this website was awesome and puts CC into a much better perspective for me.  Now I can use those few extra spare seconds to do something laundry (Boooooo!)

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